Mario Connio, argentine architect, lived in South America and Europe: London, Paris until he settled in Spain. Travelling has given him the possibility to work all over the world and explore different styles with his own eyes; in his works, influences of all cultures mix harmoniously. Interiors, Vogue Casa and DyD, among others, regularly publish houses, beach residences and municipal buildings built by Mario Connio.

When we thought about a designer to create Pinar del Faro concept, we looked for a professional who knows Punta del Este and its way of life. Somebody who, at the same time, brings a breath of fresh air with ingenious ideas, such as those that changed Punta del Este during the 40's and 50's, when San Rafael developed a style with yards, rounded corners, and a common criteria among houses in the same block.


We, ourselves, visited the houses Mario built from Piriápolis to La Pedrera: around 30 houses along the seacoast, where each member of the house has his own space although there is also a common area. We loved this independence concept, those never-ending galleries covered with bamboo so that the light filters in all directions the inside to the outside, the yards, the custom-designed water fountains, all of a craftsman quality.

Mario's first idea about Pinar was to create a place in which it feels like being in small town. Hence, three squares, in which Butia palm trees were planted, were designed following the line of José Ignacio, Maldonado and San Carlos' squares, as well as a tennis club, which will be the meeting point for children and adults, and a swimming pool with a bar for those which do not want to move very much. In order to make everyday life easier, here will also function a lobby, designed as a hotel lobby or reception.

At a third stage, Mario detailed the architectural line he wanted for the project -you can find this at Pinar building code.

People may enter Pinar by car or on foot through its main entrance, and may go walk towards the beach or ride the bicycle through a direct exit. At both accesses, people's entrance will be controlled.